13:00 others Ricky Walden vs Shaun Murphy
13:30 others Gregory Mairs / Jenny Moore vs Nicklas Mathiasen / Gabriella Bøje
12:45 others Hiroki Okamura / Yusuke Onodera vs Xiangcheng Gao / Bowei Zhou
12:15 others Yusuke Onodera vs Yu Igarashi
12:15 others Luká? Holub / Jan Hubacek vs Aleksander Jablonski / Pawel Smilowski
13:20 others Wing Nam Ng vs Meng Chen
12:30 others Qian Li vs Xiaona Shan
13:30 others Gregory Mairs / Jenny Moore vs Niklas Mathiasen / Gabriella Bøje
11:45 others Piotr Wasiluk vs Adi Pratama
12:30 others Natalia Partyka vs Yang Wu
13:00 others Flash Wolves vs Unicorns of Love
13:30 others Jones Rafly Jansen / Franziska Volkmann vs Oliver Schaller / Celine Burkart
12:00 volleyball Ansan Rush&Cash vs Kepco Vixtorm
12:30 others Yuling Zhu vs Huajun Jiang
12:30 others Ho Ching Lee vs Haeun Yang
13:20 others Fu Yu vs I-Ching Cheng
13:20 others Ying Han vs Hana Matelova
12:45 others Philip Birker / Jakob Sorger vs Vilson Vattanirappel / Lukas Weissenback
13:00 others Mark Selby vs Mark Williams
13:20 others Melek Hu vs Misaki Morizono
11:45 others Chen Yu vs Anton Kaisti

Other streams

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